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Psychedelics Dispensary has the best secured psychedelic products store ready to provide you all the psychedelics that we offer right at your doorsteps.

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With Over 7k deliveries done every week, we take pride in our services  by providing a wide range of psychedelic products ranging from well-known magic mushrooms to other active lab chemicals.

Research Chemicals

We have a great arsenal of research chemicals to give you all the lab chemicals you need for your experiments and with a steady supply too.

Magic Mushrooms

Peyote has always had it’s place in the Psychedelic realm, and so we keep it real when it comes to the Magic Mushrooms. Pure and Dried shrooms available for you

Super Fast Delivery

We deliver faster than our rivals because we keep it better than the rest. We sell Authentic products with The Best Delivery Time.

The Guarantee

Our customers enjoy our services mainly because we provide 2 days moneyback Guarantee with all orders from $250 so that they are covered by any abnormal products on delivery, even a day after too.

Payment Methods

We accept best and secure payment methods so that you don’t have to worry about security risks and backtracking. We keep everything Confidential.

Experienced Dealers​

The ‘Discreet Drop’ discreet shipping service will pack your shipments in a completely label-free box that only has your address on it. This means that no one will be the wiser when you receive a package that you’d prefer they didn’t know about.​

Latest Arrivals

We Stock our Shop every week so that we can keep up with all the demands we get everyday so be sure to take a look at this section for your dailies.

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Many Psychedelic Categories to Choose from

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Ketamine Liquid

Buy Ketamine at low and affordable prices with no drop in quality

DMT Products

Buy dmt vape pen and dmt vapes under here along with dmt crystals


These colorful drugs are available at the store.


buy 1p-lsd, albert Hoffmann and so much more here.

Acid Pills

Looking for Xanax, Tramadol Hydrochloride, Adderall? well just click on this category.

Magic Mushrooms

buy magic mushrooms from here with diverse range of mushrooms and related products.

Mushroom Spores

buy spore syringes uk

Bottled Ayahuasca

Get ayahuasca and chaga bottles at reasonable prices all for as little as $300


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Amazing DMT you guys!!!

Not long ago i tried ordering from Psychedelics Dispensary because my friend referred me here, and boy that was the start of a mutual relationship between them Dmt vapes and me. Thanks guys. I’ve never been a fan of traditional cigarettes even.
Psychedelics Dispensary

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Buy DMT Vape Pens
and LSD Tabs

high quality Albert Hoffmann lsd available in bulk orders as well as retails. and The best DMT Vape pens, all for the Best Price!

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